Ahone x Ibrahim

E L O P E M E N T  I N  J A I S A L M E R


One thing common to all wedding ceremonies irrespective of the tradition, culture or ethnicity is that they all end with the bride and groom taking an oath to protect and trust each other for the rest of their lives. Everything else other than this exchange of vows is either a celebration or a way to make this union look acceptable or valid.

Ahone approached me few days back and told the idea of exchanging her vows somewhere in the middle of Thar desert , and being an Indian wedding photographer who is used to 4-5 hours of wedding ceremony and hundreds of guests , it felt unreal.  

 Though the whole session lasted for less than 40 minutes and I so wanted this to last for atleast a couple more hours, it still was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen . No guests, no processes , no decorations, just two people in love assuring their faith and commitment to each other. I don't think a wedding can be more pure than this.


A big thanks to Manasvi and Ketan for recommending my name to Ahone. Thanks Tarun Sharma for all the help.