Shah Jahan was one of the greatest Mughal emperor who ruled much of what is now called India. He is well known world wide as the one who made the Taj Mahal in memory of his loving wife Mumtaz. But the story of Shah Jahan didn't end there. 

Once a conquerer of the world, Shah Jahan was confined within his palace by his son Aurangzeb even before he could see a complete Taj Mahal for which he waited 20 years. Trapped between the walls of his palace, he yearned for a glimpse of the Taj every single day of his life . The king who was now old and sick like a dying tree, was unable to get up from his bed. His daughter, Jahanara, who volunteered to serve him in his dotage installed a mirror above his bed so he could see the reflection of the Taj.

He stared at the mirror for days,months and years. He used to speak to that mirror as if he was talking to his wife Mumtaz. This image chronicles the day that mirror broke. 

Agony Of An Emperor

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